Being one of the best Healthcare education and training institute in United States, at CTK, we take every details of planning seriously. From students to curriculum to their class routines to their practical activity and tests. Therefore, before enrolling our new batch for the new session we carry out the detail planning beforehand and explain it to every students, so that it will help them to make decisions in the future events.

CTK identifies the following planning for 2019

  1. Identify and meet community educational needs specially for adult members through:Programs and curriculumExcellent faculty and staffServices and classes
  2. To empower students for their successes:By meeting their stated educational goalsBy completing courses successfullyBy preparing for their college-level skillsBy gaining lifelong learning skillsBy collaborate with othersBy leading purposeful, meaningful lives in a diverse world community
  3. Ensure the institutional Effectiveness- By assessing student’s performance results:Using the key performance skills from the skill test from their internship programUsing the student learning outcomes (SLO) to access their critical thinking, communication and qualitative skills.Using employer feed back
  4. Quality cost- balance in educational programs and services. To maintain accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of the Council on Occupational Education and appropriate accreditation programs

Along with the mentioned planning, CTK also has goals and objectives. These objectives provide framework for its planning and services and also to accomplish its mission. These are included below:

  1. To establish training programs, support services, maintain a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning that promote student success.Examples: Continue offering of CAN and Pharmacy technician programs with effective service from the instructors where students are engaged even in office hours set up by instructors. Instructors will be provided with more professional development services to train them with “How to engage the students?”The progress of this goal is evaluated by using student follow up survey at the end of the session. To provide educational offerings in its facilities that can best serve the CTK’s clientele which could lead to an associate degree, diploma, or certificate.
  2. To provide flexible scheduling, learning options and delivery methods.
  3. To ensure to fulfill the flexibility of class time for students, more classes will be offered in evening and week end, if needed.
  4. To increase instructional stability, educational quality and, financial resources which ultimately accredited through COE.
  5. To ensure the quality enhancement plan a threshold of learning is set up. The process to maintain the high standard quality of teaching will move to follow guidelines for accreditation through COE.
  6. To maximize student learning by expanding teaching and learning resources in our facility. More resources that includes hands-on lab materials, library containing wide array of books and periodicals including instructional materials will be maintained.
  7. To increase the use of technology in teaching and learning.
  8. To provide program articulation between CTK and area Independent School District (ISD) systems.
  9. To maintain community relations throughout its service areas, and to promote economic and workforce development.