Student Testimonials

"The standard of the school is very good and the school is one of the best with a qualified teacher. It was introduced by sister in-law referral. She told me that I will not be jobless in this country if I go through CNA. It help me learn a lot of things in the medical field. It makes one of the know about how to take care of elderly people and sick people."
Grace Maronko Turikumne
Nurse Aide
"I got the information from friends about the performance of past students of CTK in state exams and their performance in the job market encouraged me to choose for my CNA course. Its been a rewarding experience and the instructor knows her job. I would highly recommend CTK for anyone looking for a CNA training facility."
Juliet Ginikanwa Agada
Nurse Aide
"Healthcare and Career Institute helped me get closer to my dreams of becoming an RN with their certified nursing assistant program. Thanks to CTK, I have affordably learned all the information I need to pursue my certification. I am very pleased with the education that I have received and the opportunities that have been presented to me. CTK Healthcare and Career Institute has helped me make a change in my life."
Briana Riggs
Registered Nurse