CTK Healthcare & Career Institute is one of the United States’ top healthcare career institute (approved by Texas Workforce Commission, Career School and Colleges) whose objective is to provide individuals with basic healthcare education and training, career counseling, as well as job placement assistance.

CTK Healthcare & Career Institute was founded in 2004 and has been growing progressively with over 500 students graduating annually. In 2012, changed ownership and management to Himalayan Academy, LLC.

Himalayan Academy, LLC known was the inspiration of a group of professionals who have climbed the professional ladder from humble beginnings to be financially secure and enjoying respectful positions in the corporate and public higher education world.

Their desire to see others succeed in fulfilling dreams and careers fostered their acquisition of CTK Healthcare. Owners of the school have blended their inspiration from post-graduate education in finance, health care, administration and applied science. CTK Healthcare and Career Institute provides healthcare training which would prepare students for occupations in the health care industry. CTK instructors bring years of professional experience into the classroom.

Having spent time in the fields they teach, they are able to enhance curriculum to meet the needs of potential employers. In addition to field experience, our Instructors are also able to provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve because our classes are smaller than at other schools. School is conveniently located within a busy mid-city (major bus routes) area, one block from Irving Mall (by HWY183 & Beltline) in Dallas county, Texas.


The mission of the CTK Healthcare & Career Institute is to provide excellent professional healthcare education and training to improve the job prospects of our students and the needs of the local labor market in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.  We strive to offer students professional hands-on training, job-seeking skills, and placement services to prepare students for their chosen healthcare careers.


  • Provide our students a quality education by focusing on the importance of labor market trends, technology advancement, and educational material updates;
  • Establish a clean and well-organized educational environment by providing students classrooms with up-to-date equipment and realistic work environment settings;
  • Hire the most qualified administrative staff and educational instructors possible, who possess specific work experience and educational backgrounds along with updated professional development provided and supported by this institution;
  • Have all institutional departments fully staffed for student needs, including: Admissions, Student Services, and Placement Services
  • Encourage outside clinics, employer visits, evaluation of classrooms, involved Advisory Committees for curriculum enrichment and growth to better prepare students in a competitive labor market.

Our CORE VALUES have resided true to our system and practical healthcare education and training

  • Cooperative- to work with employers and students to perform
  • Fairness- to treat students and employees for their success
  • Integrity- to speak truth without hidden agendas
  • Diversity- value various aspects of diversity among students, employees and employers