My experience at CTK falls nothing short of informational, I have learned many things about being a nurses aid. I choose CTK because of its reputation and the amount of students that successfully completed the course. When I started thinking about furthering my own education a very good friend told me about CTK. The teacher Ms Lerence was very educational and I learned about the health field. Her patience gave a chance to truly learn about the health field. Her patience gave a chance to truly learn. If you are thinking about helping others in the medical field, I would recommend CTK.

KamikotienkinNurse Aide 6/2016I chose this school because one of my friend told me about CNA how they take care for Residents and I was so excited to hear that. I decide to come to CTK to take the class. Normally I love people, I like to help people anyway if I am able to do that. I feel bad when I see people who needs help and they are not getting help. Especial I love children and old people. I used to take care my grandma befor she pass away, and to stay with the kids when parents are not around. I hope I get my certificate, will be able to get job and I can start with people who need help that I can help them in anyway. I found this school from my friend who was graduated from CTK. She recommended me that is one of the best school has quality teaching My experience was great because registration process was good and staff looks friendly. And the place is quiet and nice. I have learned more things that I didn’t know about it in long term care. I learn how to take old people, how to love them like us or family, I learn too how to be patient, to be polite, to be honest and respectful, how to communicate with your college you work with and I learn that CNA always should do their activity of daily living.

Grace Maronko TurikumneNurse Aide 6/2016The standard of the school is very good and the school is one of the best with a qualified teacher. It was introduced by sister in-law referral. She told me that I will not be jobless in this country if I go through CNA here my experience is good. It help me learn a lot of things in the medical field. It makes one of the know about how to take care of elderly people and sick people.

Juliet Ginikanwa AgadaNurse Aide 4/2017I got the information from friends about the performance of past students of CTK in state exams and their performance in the job market encouraged me to choose for my CNA course. I asked around and a friend referred me to CTK. Its been a rewarding experience and the instructor knows her job. I would highly recommend CTK for anyone looking for a CTK for anyone looking for a CNA training facility.

Priscilla U. NjokuNurse Aide 8/2017I choose CTK for the following reasons: It is in proximity to my place of residence. It offers CNA course which will serve as my country level into the nursing career. Recommendation from a previous student. I know about the school through a friend and I did online research to increase my horizon on what they offer. I equally visited to know more on how the classes and programs are scheduled. My experience in the school was so great and wonderful. I learnt a lot from the teacher who taught with real world experience.

Chinwaenwa Perpetua AttahNurse Aide 11/2017What a teacher you are! I can’t believe that the class has suddenly come to completion. You were such a good instructor; you simply made study very interesting and shared all your knowledge with your students to enable us to pass and grab all your teaching. I must say, “If every instructor is to be like you, life won’t be wasting and students won’t be afraid to come to class!” Will miss you and but hope to join you again in the LVN class. Thank you for all your inspirations and encouragements.

Dianne CaldwellNurse Aide 11/2017CTK Healthcare and Career Institute provides comprehensive studies regarding nursing and medical purposes in Texas. CTK Healthcare and Career Institute is an advanced facility to provide an intellectual education regardless of one’s busy schedule. This facility provides us the opportunity to find a job and its placement. I have seen so many nursing aide places and fortunately CTK is one of the best to provide these facilities and profound knowledge regarding the CNA program. I find CTK as the best facility to provide basic medical sciences training for the students enlighten their bright future.

Briana RiggsNurse Aide 5/2018CTK Healthcare and Career Institute helped me get closer to my dreams of becoming an RN with their certified nursing assistant program. Choosing CTK was very easy for me. Thanks to CTK, I have affordably learned all the information I need to pursue my certification with a lot of the one on one time I needed. I have regained confidence in myself with the help of CTK. A major part of finding the right school was to make sure it was close to home. I am very pleased with the education that I have received and the opportunities that have been presented to me because of my time spent here. CTK Healthcare and Career Institute has helped me make a change in my life.

Asmita RegmiNurse Aide 10/20185/5I love CTK healthcare. The instructor are very knowledgeable, supportive and organised. They provide enough material and information to be prepared for the test.The clinical are fun too. I highly recommend this institute for better career option.

CNA august 2019