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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are charged at very nominal rate and can be paid in installments. Below are the detailed list of tuition and fees.

CoursePayment PlanFinancial Aid
Nurse Aide (CNA)
Total Catalog Price
Completes in 4 Weeks
$160/wk for 5 weeks Not Available
Pharmacy Technician
Total Catalog Price
Completes in 16 Weeks
$100/wk Covered by FAFSA
Medication Aide
Total Catalog Price
Completes in 8 Weeks
$100/wk Not Available
Patient Care technician
Completes in 16 weeks
Contact office Covered by FAFSA
CPR   Not Available

Financial Aide is available for qualified person. For further details on financial aide, please contact us.

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